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Parallel Lines is a magazine about Freemasonry and our activities, focusing upon Devonshire but not solely or exclusively for Masons. 


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I am sure many of you have heard – or even used – the phrase, everything in its place and a place for everything. The modern world of digital communications opens up a whole vista of news, social media and information websites. But despite all of this electronic wizardry, books, newspapers, magazines and journals still find their place in our daily lives… and a magazine is so much easier to leave on the lounge coffee table than a laptop, and a ‘tablet’ for many people is still something prescribed by the doctor! There is still a place for a good book or magazine, and a good read.

Parallel Lines is a magazine about Freemasonry and our activities, focusing upon Devonshire but not solely or exclusively for Masons. Our wives, partners, family and friends play an enormous part in our lives, providing their support, and allowing us to pursue our membership of an Order we love and get so much joy from. So, why shouldn’t we share it with them in some way?

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Parallel Lines is a magazine intended for everyone. It is hoped it will entertain, inform and educate people about Freemasonry and especially what goes on here in Devonshire. It is about what we do, how we go about things and some of the tremendous support we give to society generally and our communities in particular. It is not about our Lodge meetings so there is nothing contrary to anyone’s Obligation taken when joining the Fraternity. It is not simply about reports and accounts and who’s been awarded this or that. In this magazine there are and will be articles about our rich history, some of our activities during recent times, different sides to some of the characters and people in Devon Freemasonry.

It is not only hoped, but to be encouraged, that you will share your copy of this magazine with those about you. Don’t hide it in your regalia case! The hope is that Parallel Lines will be delivered direct to your door, twice annually, in March and September without any additional cost to you. It is supported and funded by our advertisers so, if you do use any of them, please tell them where you saw their advert! If we are to provide you with stories, news and views that you want to read about, then please send them to us and invite those you share Parallel Lines with to do the same.

I cannot overlook the immense help, support and commitment given to this project by David Hodson-Whittle and his colleagues at SW1 Marketing. Parallel Lines would have gone nowhere without them. I cannot thank them enough.

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And on a final note, thank you for reading this – whoever you are!

Craig Cox
Assistant PGM

Executive 2020

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Frequency: 2 issues per year, Apr/May and Sept/Oct


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Our Readers

Parallel Lines is a publication for the Freemasons in the Province of Devonshire. It seeks to highlight news, views, and goings on of the lives of Freemasons in Devon in an informative and responsible way. A publication, not just for the men of Freemasonry, but a publication to be enjoyed by anyone interested in the craft or to become further informed. 

This magazine is free to all Devonshire Masons and lands on their door mat twice a year. A publication in its infancy, the hope is it will continue to grow and meet the expectations of its readership, friends and family, and beyond, to inform and educate those in the area.

By placing an advert within this publication you are reaching a unique, captive audience, many of whom choose to retain their copies for multiple reads and prosperity.